Summarizing Suzy on Cilantro…

In her recent column, Suzy Cohen (“America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist”) described several medicinal attributes of one of my favorite herbs, cilantro. In my rehab from mercury toxicity in the past, cilantro extract was part of the chelation armamentarium; I also really enjoy fresh cilantro as an herb in many “southern” (Central and South American) dishes. So IContinue reading “Summarizing Suzy on Cilantro…”

When Summer Fun Gets Sidelined… reach for these remedies

Homeopathics Arnica Montana – 1st remedy for trauma, falls, bruises, sprains and strains, muscular soreness, overexertion,  pain after dental work Bryonia Alba – joint pain with swelling, slightest movement worsens pain, severe headaches that develop slowly Calendula – sunburn, first degree burns, scrapes, rash Nux Vomica – for indigestion, nausea, hangover, bloating, “heavy head” headaches, constipation, lack of sleep, nervousContinue reading “When Summer Fun Gets Sidelined… reach for these remedies”

Ginger is Powerful Medicine

Ginger contains many therapeutic compounds, with well documented responses in the body. Two well recognized ginger compounds in the research include gingerol and zingerone. Cooking transforms gingerol into zingerone so the benefits of ginger will vary somewhat with the form used, whether fresh grated, cooked or powdered. Ginger is an antioxidant, an analgesic, a blood thinner, and aContinue reading “Ginger is Powerful Medicine”