Easy, cheap bio-hacks…

Bio-hacking is the trending term for upping your game, improving your function. Here are some easy, inexpensive bio-hacks you can use to improve your mind, body and spirit function. 

  • Choose one important thing to do or work on each day, and do it first
  • Spend time in nature, or at least gazing at it (even photographs of nature work!)
  • Remove toxic cleaning materials from your home
  • Smile when you feel stressed
  • Drink filtered water – and not from plastic bottles!
  • Practice gratitude hourly
  • Walk vigorously 5-20 minutes daily (to your ability)
  • Stop to breathe deeply for 2 minutes at least once daily
  • Give 3-5 second hugs, and mean it
  • Listen to your favorite music for an energy lift
  • Volunteer for a cause of passionate interest to you
  • Relish the sight, smells and texture of your food before eating
  • Spend time with people who have habits or traits you want to develop or improve