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What would you do, who would you be, if you felt better?

Get back to being who you are!

With renewed vigor and sustainable lifestyle changes, you can reclaim your joy and well-being.

Dr. Sherron Marquina DC uses natural and gentle interventions to help you restore your best health:

  • functional medicine diagnostics
  • energy meridian balancing
  • personalized nutrition
  • functional neurology
  • gentle technology therapies
  • reading your body’s unique health blueprints

The secret of change is to focus all our energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Dan Millman, author
The Peaceful Warrior

Your body doesn’t choose to be less efficient or less functional without good cause – often multiple causes! We look at likely contributors to your current health challenge, and how to restore natural balance.

We look at how to improve its options – by increasing your energy or nutrition, by activating your suppressed functions, or by removing barriers to more effective function.

Then your symptoms not only resolve, but are less likely to re-occur.

What may seem dysfunctional in your body is actually its best adaptive choice – with its current options.