The Health InSyncs Team

Dr. Sherron Marquina, DC PAK

Chiropractic PhysicianApplied Kinesiologist

Dr. Marquina is a chiropractic physician, a Board Certified Porfessional Applied Kinesiologist, and a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. She is certified in laser therapy, meridian therapy, NAET, with training in homeopathy, bioresonance therapy, and pulsed electromagnetic therapy. She has advanced training in clinical nutrition, functional neurology, functional endocrinology, stress recovery, and functional medicine.

Dr. Marquina examines your condition as a puzzle to unravel. Whether you want to address specific symptoms, or simply to feel better, she develops personalized approaches to restore and support natural health and balance. Gentle manipulation, nutrition, meridian and other natural therapies may be included.


Laser TherapistPatient Support

Dallas’s training in sociology and nursing, and her experience as a competitive soccer player are great assets in her role at Health InSyncs. She brings to her work great compassion for patients and knowledge and appreciation of the body and its challenges. Dallas assists with various patient therapies and is a Certified Laser Therapist.


Laser TherapistPatient Support

Amber recently joined Dr. Sherron Marquina and the patient support team at Health InSyncs. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and working in pharmaceutical development Amber discovered a passion for energy healing and holistic wellness. She also works as an independent artist and jeweler, is a certified Reiki practitioner, and an avid animal lover and vegan.    

Our Location

Conveniently located one block from Stony Point Shopping Center, in Stony Point Professional Center. 

Driving directions

West of Chippenham Parkway, off of Huguenot Road. At the intersection of Buford Road/Stony Point Road and Huguenot, take Stony Point Road one block north to Forest Hill Avenue.

Turn left onto Forest Hill Avenue and immediately turn right into the parking lot for the 9200-9210-9220 complex of offices.