Health Bytes

About the masks…

Do they work?

Of course they do.  And of course they don’t – at least, they don’t deliver as often promised…

Think of the mask as a filter. If your filter has “big holes” it won’t keep out tiny things.

Any mask fabric has weave apertures (holes between the threads) that any self-respecting virus could easily fly through, riding in on the propulsion of a forceful sneeze. Viruses are incredibly tiny, only visible in specialized microscopes.

What about multiple masks?

Think of the mask as a filter. If your filter has “big holes” it may not keep out all tiny things, even with multiple layers of “big holes” – but it will capture some of them. So does that mean that masks are worthless?  No…   Are they effective protection against a virus?  No…

No, not masks alone.  In concert with other measures, masks can decrease the number of viral particles getting into your oral cavity and replicating.  Filters, even “big hole” filters of different fabrics, will decrease the number of viral particles that enter. A critical mass of viral strings are required to initiate a viral infection.  And taking nutrients that inhibit replication/multiplication of the virus (for example quercetin, Vitamin C, turmeric) will enhance the effects of the mask.

You also want to discourage the possibility of those few viral strings proliferating in your mouth or nasal passages. Wearing a mask toomuch creates a protected environment for their growth!  Take breaks from mask wearing when you’re not in close contact with others, not in a virally-loaded airspace,  when you’re outdoors.  Between mask wearings, use an anti-viral mouth wash or gargle, such as hydrogen peroxide mixed with mint, to disable unwanted entrants. Hydrogen peroxide kills viruses and many other micro-organisms as a disinfectant.

Many masks DO block larger sized organisms such as bacteria. Blocking bacterial in the air from entering your system will reduce the total immune load on your body. That’s a good thing.

There are masks that include silver or copper threading, which are strongly anti-viral, killing/blocking viruses from entering your system or emerging from you. That’s what we wear at Health InSyncs.  But the risk of over-wearing any mask remains. Even if viruses and other organisms are not entering the oral cavity, the  prolonged disruption of natural oral ventilation is stressful for the immune system.

There’s no magic mask. Work with what works for you, your exposure to people,  your immune strength, your mask budget.