Nutrients to Heal a Leaky Gut

Use natural gut healers such as aloe vera juice and bone broth, both  very supportive of intestinal healing. Choose aloe vera juice “not from concentrate” for maximum effectiveness. Bone broth should be derived from healthy grass-fed animals.Supplements such as quercetin and other bioflavonoids, the herb slippery elm bark, l-glutamine (caution if you react to MSG!), and MSM especially support healing of the gut lining.  

A good quality multi-vitamin and ionic minerals provide the extra nutrition needed.To provide butyrate, an essential building block for intestinal cellular repair, eat lots of fibrous vegetables. Initially, eat them cooked, for ease of processing; add raw vegetables as the gut improves. These are a few self-help guidelines. If you haven’t accomplished significant changes with these steps to heal your gut lining, you may have a microbial  imbalance requiring more targeted strategies. But you’ll have at least strengthened your system for a quicker resolution.