Is Breakfast an Important Meal?

“Skipping breakfast” has recently been equated with “intermittent fasting” as a health strategy. And the logic would fit if we were intermittently running after game for food, and gathering fruit and nuts on the way, as our ancient ancestors did. But that’s not my lifestyle, and probably not yours, either.

Many, perhaps most of us, have stress chemistry and blood sugar issues that require protein metabolism to start the day strongly. Beginning the day with 1-2 glasses of water to prime the digestive system, followed at least 15 minutes later with a meal of a protein and fruit or vegetables complement, initiates the metabolism that will steadily provide an efficient source of energy, and help prevent sugar cravings.

Eating 3 meals daily, and not eating late in the day will strengthen stress resilience, and provide the energy needed for the 14-18 hours workday (at home and/or work) that most of us live.