Essential Oils for Forgetfulness

You walk into a room – and forget why you’re there. Or pick up a pen and forget what you wanted to write. Often considered memory lapses, these experiences are more likely a loss of concentration, with interference from stress, distraction, or multi-tasking. Lapses of concentration affect everyone. What can you do when you need to stay focused with alert memory?

To improve concentration, Dr. Valerie Worwood, English aromatherapist, suggests a mixture of equal proportions of the essential oils of basil, cardamon, ginger and black pepper. Use a room diffuser or dilute with water in a mister and sparingly spray the solution in the area, for a quick concentration lift.

When lack of concentration is accompanied with fatigue,  combine the essential oils of basil, grapefruit, lavender and rosemary. Inhale the oils or dilute and apply to the temples and neck as needed to revive your focus. 

Don’t forget the basics! Sufficient restorative sleep, brain nutrients and hydration are key to brain focus and memory.