COVID-19: What we’re doing for your added safety

Although the quarantine in Virginia is phasing into more relaxed constraints, the risk for contagion of the current coronavirus remains.

Health InSyncs serves patients with autoimmune conditions.  Dr Marquina has multiple autoimmune risks. Each of our staff has family or friends at heightened risk from immune challenges like the coronavirus. So Health InSyncs has always prioritized providing a healthy, safe and comfortable environment, with reduced pathogen and EMF load, that nourishes stress resilience. And we are learning from the pandemic that we could do more.

Here’s the basic healthcare environment hygiene we routinely apply:

  • Waste containers in non-office areas remain covered but require no hands to open, reducing airborne transmission from used wipes and minimizing skin contact risk.
  • Disposable paper or once-used linens are used on headpieces and pillows used by patients. 
  • Treatment table linens are frequently changed, depending on amount of skin contact (vs amount of clothing).
  • Testing or therapeutic equipment requiring skin contact is disinfected with alcohol after each use.
  • Disinfectants (we use non-toxics, including ultraviolet light strobing) are used to clean areas of patient fluids or frequent contact. 

Here‘s what we’ve always done, beyond basic healthcare environment standards:

  • The reception area, treatment rooms and offices contain air purifiers with HEPA filters and ultraviolet light to reduce/inactivate pathogens in the air including mold spores and viral particles. 
  • EMF protective equipment bathes the entire office environment, to limit the destructive EMF effects of fluorescent bulbs, wi-fi, and electrical wiring and equipment on your immune and nervous systems.
  • Restrooms provide natural, non-toxic and non-antibiotic soaps.
  • We avoid antibiotic soaps that destroy beneficial skin bacteria and contribute to antibiotic resistance.
  • We avoid chemical disinfectant soaps that, with repeated use, damage skin and respiratory membranes.
  • In laser treatment, patients are treated on a BioMat with naturally detoxifying infrared radiation to reduce pathogens, (as well as relax muscles to improve stress resilience).
  • Staff are provided with viral-preventive supplements to use during the viral season. 

Here’s what we’re doing additionally, for the current increased risk of respiratory risks:

  • Door handles are covered with NanoSeptic sleeves that quickly inactivate any micro-organisms deposited when hands contact the door handles.
  • The reception counter has a NanoSeptic blotter to inactivate micro-organisms deposited while writing at the counter.
  • Writing pens at the reception counter are cleaned after each use.
  • Non-toxic baby wipes are provided in each restroom and throughout the office for you to use to clean your hands or any article or area of concern (e.g., toilet handle, faucet handle, credit card). 
  • Masks and gloves for staff are available, when patients or staff prefer their use.*
  • Sneezing, coughing, or drooling by anyone in the clinic, staff or patient, is accompanied by additional cleaning and disinfection. 
  • Staff are provided moderate-dose Vitamin C for daily use, to minimize contraction of the virus.Staff are required to read/ watch Covid-19 information by medical professionals, in addition to CDC materials, to maintain risk awareness and identify any additional clinic procedures we may want to implement.

*Note: Dr. Sherron Marquina, with heightened autoimmune risk for the oral cavity, is not comfortable wearing a mask continuously. However, she has no objection or concern about using a mask as requested for your safety and comfort.

We are open to additional suggestions for how to preserve your safety and well-being when you are in our offices.

Stay well with positive thoughts, moderate exercise, consistently good nutrition, adequate restorative sleep, minimum EMF radiation and awareness of your choices. Good habits even without a pandemic!

Sending best energies,
Dr M