Homeopathy Notes: The Anxiety and Fear Associated with “Lockdown”

The isolation of the coronavirus lockdown can be an incredible opportunity for regeneration and creativity; but it is also an opportunity to experience anxiety and fear in light of multiple losses and unknowns.

Check out this link: homeopathycenter.org

The National Center for Homeopathy offers an easy-to-use guide for selecting natural homeopathic remedies to use safely at home for dealing with the diverse symptoms of fear, grief, sudden lack of confidence, apprehensiveness, spaciness and instability that you or your loved ones might feel now. Having no chemical byproducts and working through regulation of the body’s natural processes, homeopathic remedies offer safe, inexpensive ways to address your individual symptoms.

Go to “Find a Remedy” and then scroll down to “Anxiety and Fear”. The site also offers guidelines for dosing.

Experimenting is safe! If a remedy doesn’t work, it didn’t work – that’s it. No side effects. But if you have serious or unrelenting symptoms, consult with a professional homeopath, or other healthcare practitioner.