EMF Risks

Humans are electromagnetic emitters and receivers.  Cell phones are convenient devices, but also electromagnetic emitters and receivers. Our embrace of cell phones is quite understandable. Yet there are over 2,000 studies suggesting that cell phones are dangerous, particularly to our brains, and particularly to our children.  EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields) produced by the human body and the Earth are  essential to human life and are even used in healing the body.  So EMF is not necessarily evil or destructive to humans. That is, unless it’s 1) dissonant, 2) excessive, or 3) chronically, repetitively applied to sensitive tissues.  Then it becomes electromagnetically risky, or appropriately called electro-pollution.

  1. Dissonant?   The electronic emissions of cell phones and wireless devices in general are electronically dissonant with the electromagnetic emissions of the human body. They can interfere, even override the natural patterns of our bodies. That means they can particularly interfere with brain function and heart function, but literally can weaken or disrupt the normal electromagnetically regulated cellular function of any cell in the body. Many artificially made electronic patterns and human regulatory patterns just don’t dance well together. 
  2. Excessive?   In the US, the FCC (the government agency that regulates telecommunications) allows cell phones to have greater EMF strength (for longer transmission distances) than most other countries allow.  Studies demonstrate electrical and thermal brain changes within 2 minutes of holding a cell phone to your ear.  (Two minutes is for women and children; it seems that men are a little more protected by their thicker skulls.) 
  3. Chronic exposure to sensitive tissues?    Breast cancer is more frequent when women wear cell phones in their bra, prostate issues are more prevalent in men with chronic laptop use, some pituitary and other brain tumors are associated with frequent cell phone use.  These are examples of sensitive tissues experiencing repetitive exposure, regardless of whether calls are received or made on that cell phone! 

Consider the potential effects of a cell phone frequently tucked into a back pocket (hip joint, ovaries, adrenals, kidneys), front pocket (gonads, urinary tract), or the chest pocket (heart, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, lungs), or parked next to your bed at night (brain, sinuses, ears). 

Electropollution is not just about cell phones and cell phone towers, it includes all wireless devices, fluorescent lighting, home and industrial/commercial electronics. Smart meters anyone? Remotely initiated coffee-making and thermostat setting? 

Can we control our exposures?  Certainly there’s much that’s not under individual control, so focus on what you can control or reduce. Support your health with conscious action.  Here are a few ideas for reducing the effects of cell phone and EMF pollution in your life. In the September webinar, we’ll identify additional EMF areas to consider and more strategies and suggestions.

  1. Distance helps.  Park your phone or other wireless device at least one foot away from your body, preferably in a briefcase or purse, or near your workspace.
  2. Unplug what you’re not actively using. (Not the refrigerator or freezer, we agree.) But the television, coffee pot, blender, music system – all generate electric and electromagnetic fields, even when they’re “off” (they are partly “on” in the “off” setting for the convenience of fast start-up). If you have several devices plugged into a surge suppressor,  you can simply unplug the surge suppressor.
  3. Use electromagnetic fields.  There are “personal shields” as wearable devices. There are “space shields” that create human-resonant frequencies or that reduce electronic “noise” for rooms, buildings, and electronic devices. 
  4. Protect your sleep environment. Remove unessential electronics from your bedroom. At least move all devices and plug-ins as far away from your head as possible. 
  5. Use the speakerphone or earphones on your cell phone. Putting the phone to your head induces thermal and electromagnetic changes in the brain, quickly. Neither is desirable.  Guys, thick-headedness offers only a short-time benefit.
  6. Evaluate the essentiality of your wireless devices in your home or workspace. Use hard-wired switching of devices as much as physically possible or cabling rather than wi-fi connections.
  7. Get an EMF meter to measure the EMF in your home.  Find out if you have “hot spots” that may be on the other side of the wall but affecting your work or sleep space.
  8. Pulse your cell phone use with Airplane settings or similar.  Your cell phone emits significantly less EMF in airplane mode. If you can check in to your phone every 30-60 minutes, instead of having it actively on all the time, you significantly reduce your personal exposure.
  9. Protect children from cell phones. Children are especially sensitive to electropollution. Particularly if you have sensitive children, consider electromagnetic shields for their sleep or play places, or your home in general.

Remember, it’s about maintaining your health and resilience, and minimizing the dangers. That’s what we can do for ourselves and our families. 

– dr m