Side Effects Worth Noting

  1. Calcium Channel Blockers – 5X increase in incidence of suicide among patients using CCBs for high blood pressure, compared to other hypertension treatments. If you experience unusual symptoms of depression while on CCBs, advise your physicians.
  2. ExercisePrevents cardiovascular disease, hypertension, muscle fiber atrophy, obesity, osteoporosis, incoordination and lung degeneration. Even “frail” older adults who never previously exercised enjoy health improvements from physical activity.
  3. Thyroid Medications – Can have varying symptoms of too much or too little thyroid function from non-hormone ingredients, although dosing is consistent.  Some people are reactive to ingredients in thyroid (or any) medications, creating interference with absorption of the medication and inconsistent effects. Potentially reactive ingredients include lactose, corn starch, wheat starch, stearic acids, dyes, preservatives. If you are reactive to any foods or chemicals, verify that your medication doesn’t contain them; alternative formulations are available.
  4. Water SoftenersIncreased risk for heart disease. Believed to be related to sulfur deficiency,  a mineral involved in many metabolic processes and depleted by the water softening process. A whole-foods diet, providing sulfur from many foods, will mitigate the risk.