Restoring Natural Energy

Restore your body’s natural electricity

At Health InSyncs we use the Maxi, the MagnoPro, and the MagnaPulse for naturalistic pulsing magnetic fields (PEMF) to support:

  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Nervous system balancing
  • Bone health
  • Accelerated healing

Magnetic fields naturally induce electrical fields. We apply a magnetic field to the body to influence and re-establish the natural electrical function of the cells, which powers the cellular metabolism.

Disturbances to the flow of cellular electrical energy can occur through illness, injury, chronic stress, or any other trauma to the cells or to the body as a whole.

When its electrical function is disturbed, the cell does not function correctly.

Therefore, magnetic therapy may improve circulation, the transport of nutrients, the detoxification of tissues, the manufacture of neurotransmitters, the union of some bone fractures, the regeneration of damaged tissues – almost any aspect of body function.

Magnetic therapy does not necessarily cure any condition. Cells can have other limited functions or inadequate resources. But the return of cellular electrical balance may improve cell function and resolve other disturbances as well.