Laser Therapy

Pain Relief without Side Effects

Energize at the cellular level

At Health InSyncs we use Lumix superpulsed and continuous wave lasers to help you:

  • Reduce pain, swelling, inflammation
  • Stimulate tissue repair and regeneration
  • Relieve nerve inflammation
  • Relax tense muscles

Laser therapy uses photo bio-stimulation, the activation of cell proteins with infrared light. Cell proteins can absorb light energy and convert it to chemical energy. Your body then uses this chemical energy to energize and stimulate muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues to function or repair.

More specifically laser light can penetrate to different depths into the body (depending on type of laser and area treated). Laser light stimulates these cells to form and store ATP (cell fuel!), and restore calcium ion balance in your cells.

These initial cellular effects in turn stimulate another stream of effects: increased cell activity, increased collagen synthesis for tissue repair, increased resistance of nerve cells to pain, the release of growth factors that promote new blood vessels, and increased immune system activity.

Laser therapy is painless for most patients, although you may feel a slight tingling or warmth during the treatment. Pain relief is sometimes immediate; in some conditions pain may be simply less likely to re-occur.

Dr. Sherron Marquina participates in clinical trials and field research with therapeutic lasers. She is certified in laser therapy by the Logan College of Chiropractic Postgraduate program.