Cultivating Natural Balance

Chiropractic is about balancing inputs to the brain. How does that translate into mental, physical and spiritual health and healing? 

With clear reception and effective transmission of signals, the brain can optimally manage all the information flowing through the nervous system. It regulates our physical and mental and emotional activity, our hormonal and immune and digestive and cardiovascular systems, indeed every aspect of our function. No problem! The brain does that very well, thank you — IF we have an active physical and mental life, a range of human emotions, a diverse and healthy diet with occasional indulgences, and short-lived crises.

Enter the modern world of sedentary work, much screen time, fast-food, chronic stress, increasing disruptive electromagnetic fields, ingested and inhaled pollutants, etc. 

Inadequate joint movement and limited muscle use produce a loss of biomechanical signals – and disrupts expected patterns to the brain. Synthetically created food-like substances don’t deliver the expected enzymes of living food or the “expected” nutritional value from the body’s investment of saliva, acid, enzymes, energy and nutrients. Electromagnetic fields from electronic devices, electrical transformers, fluorescent lights are non-resonant with the body’s natural fields. With repeated low-level exposure, they override the body’s natural electromagnetism, key to defining healthy cells and regulating growth and repair mechanisms. 

Signals get disrupted, distorted, lost.

Traditionally, chiropractic was described as “relieving pinched nerves” and adjusting the spine which had somehow become imbalanced by posture or trauma. Those descriptions still hold true. However, the last 20 years of neuroscience clarify that adjusting the spine is actually about activating nerve pathways, the information flow to and from the brain, which was blocked, diminished or exaggerated by changes in the postural tone around the spine, changes often effected by excessive or inadequate biochemical and biomechanical inputs. 

If you think about the concept of “garbage in, garbage out” it’s clear that incomplete or distorted inputs from the body would result in inaccurate regulation based on that input. Chiropractic care is about re-balancing the inputs by restoring normal signaling.