Applied Kinesiology

Personalizing Healthcare

Kinesiology is the study of muscle movement. Applied Kinesiology is a specialized use of muscle movement to observe neurological and energetic responses and patterns in the body. First developed in 1964 by chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart, Applied Kinesiology, or AK, can be conceptualized as a multi-dimensional expansion of the chiropractic model for enhancing brain and body function. It includes attention to the nervous system through balancing of the spine and musculature, but also incorporates other energetic, biomechanical and biochemical information flows, such as energy meridians, muscle complexes, neurological interactions and micronutrition.

I first “met” AK when I volunteered for a demonstration by a chiropractor in New Jersey of how the body would “talk” to you about its functions. I was confused by symptoms I was experiencing, and the reports from healthcare providers that “nothing was wrong” with me.  In that initial demonstration, I observed what seemed like magical but congruent communication from my body. I fell in love with the possibilities Applied Kinesiology offers for personalized health and healing.

Dr. M